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Google Translator

You know that I recomend the use of a dictionary instead of a translator.
In a dictionary you can find:

  • All the different definitions for a certain word.
  • Learn the pronounciation of that word.
  • Look for some examples of use

But if you don't have the time, well let's go for the Google Translator. Use it to look for the translation of individual words. Not for the whole text.


You want to practice your written English with someone, but you still feel insecure?
Or is only that there's nobody around to practice?

Cleverbot is your solution!

It is an Online Software of Artificial Intelligence which chats with you!

That's correct! You can chat with a bot! Sometimes you will doubt that isn't really human.


One of the most common problems when learning a new language is the habit of translating everything that we hear or read.

This tool can be a useful solution to break that bad habit!

Spreeder is another Online Software. You paste any text you want to read and then the Spreeder will show it to you 1 word at a time with a speed of 500 words per minute!

You can modify this speed later to the way you feel more comfortable.

The text is fast enough for you to read everything but not to allow you to translate what you see.

Once you master the use of this software, you can use it in your everyday tasks to save time when researching or studying!